Historical Fiction

The following page includes reviews of historical fiction books. (follow the links to the reviews, though if it isn't linked its because the review isn't published yet!) Series are all listed together. Though unfortunately there is no system for the order that the genres are in. In this case Young Adult refers to the book being suitable for a younger reader, though books in the other categories might be suitable too!

Where to find which genres:
Fantasy: High Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Myths/Legends, Steampunk
Sci-Fi & Dystopian: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Dystopian, Speculative Fiction, Zombie Fiction
Contemporary: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult Romance, Chick Lit, Thriller, Erotica
Historical: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Tudor & War of the Roses Fiction
Other: Classics, Gothic & Horror, Non-fiction, Children's books, French Books

Alternative History
The Tudor Legacy by Laura Andersen
Paranormal Historical Fiction 
Scoundrels & Secrets by Erica Ridley 

Historical Fiction & Historical Romance
    Velvet Lies by Adrienne deWolfe
      Pistols and Petticoats Anthology
      Jewels of Tomorrow by Tracy Cooper-Posey
      Stolen Empire by Sherry D Ficklin 
      Ancient Roman Empire by Nhys Glover
      Romancing the Pirate by Jennfier Bray-Weber
      Lady Law & the Gunslinger by Adrienne deWolfe 

      Regency Romance 
      Lords of Sussex by Katy Walters 

      Tudor and War of the Roses (Historical Fiction)
      The Cousins' War 

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