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Laura is an avid reader and has run trips down imagination road for over 3 yearsand having always played around with the idea of writing a book, she now has, and has several more in the works.

Email: laura.bookreviewer@yahoo.com

I'm not good at writing about myself so here's some random facts that I could think of about myself!

  • I have a BSc International Business and Modern Languages (French) 
  • I have 4 siblings, the youngest is 16 years younger than me! 
  • I'm a Brownie Guide Leader (Snowy Owl!) 
  • I'm also involved in the Scout Association as a Network Scout 
  • I love to bake, I'm pretty good at it too apparently 
  • I talk to myself all the time! 
  • I've successfully bribed people by telling them I'd cook for them 
  • Though I haven't lived up North for years, apparently I have a fairly noticeable Yorkshire accent 
  • My favourite flavour of Macaroon is vanilla 
  • I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to tea 
  • I will cry the day my kindle dies! 
  • My favourite vegetable is leeks 
  • My first memory is from when I was about 18 months old 
  • I hate being home alone

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