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Own by KI Lynn & N Isabelle Blanco (#3 Need)

Title: Own
Series: Need (#3)
Authors: N Isabelle Blanco, KI Lynn
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 28th November 2016
Challenges: 2016 Read the Books You Buy2016 New Release Challenge 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (12 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon 
Synopsis (from Goodreads): Kira’s finally mine. Mine. And nobody and nothing is going to take her from me. I’ll fight for her, to the death. Do anything for her. There’s no more living without her. No more holding back my feelings. If only it was enough. We’re surrounded every day.  Watched. Stalked. Judged. Everyone knows us. Now, they suspect. The odds are stacked against us more than before.
We live in the shadows, hiding our love from the entire world. But not for long. I refuse to live like this anymore. I’ll do whatever it takes to own her. I’m waging a dark war against those that stand against us. And I will win. That girl is going to be mine forever, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Own should not be read as a standalone. The events in the book follow on directly from those in Take and rely heavily on the past between Kira and Brayden. While I was reluctant to actually admit enjoying book 1 (for various reasons you can read in my review from last Monday!), this series well and truly sucked me in and I didn't want to put it down. I had to know how it would end. 

So...Brayden. Even in Take I wasn't his biggest fan. He'd done a lot of bad things in the first book, and the second book was him trying to change his ways, but it was in Own that I finally felt he came into his true self. I started to like him more, which was a real mix of influences I think. First there was his relationship with Kira, and his friendship with her brother Ryan, then there was the twist, and the relationships that revealed, and I think that made a massive difference. 

Kira was more the iffy one in this book. She was a little bit in denial about what the two of them were to one another, which did include a rather amusing moment where she asked several people in the know if Brayden was her boyfriend. I had a real smile on my face during that one. 

Brayden and Kira's relationship definitely settled down in this one. They had good chemistry, and frequently acted upon it, but it was more than that. They admitted what they felt to themselves and that moved them along. Instead, the drama in this book came from the outside. 

At the beginning of Own, there were a handful of people that knew about their relationship, and a lot of people who suspected, and this book was really about the two of them coming to terms with that. There were a lot of loose ends tied up, and I thought that the end was definitely satisfying. 

This series has been oh so wrong, but oh so satisfying to read. I'd recommend it as a guilty pleasure definitely!

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