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Taste of Darkness by Maria V Snyder

Title: Taste of Darkness
Series: Avry of Kazan (#3)
Author: Maria V Snyder
From: Amazon
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 31st December 2013
Challenges:  2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (12 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon 
Synopsis (from Goodreads): She's fought death and won. But how can she fight her fears? Avry knows hardship and trouble. She fought the plague and survived. She took on King Tohon and defeated him. But now her heart-mate, Kerrick, is missing, and Avry fears he's gone forever. But there's a more immediate threat: The Skeleton King plots to claim the Fifteen Realms for his own. With armies in disarray and the dead not staying down, Avry's healing powers are needed now more than ever. Torn between love and loyalty, Avry must choose her path carefully. For the future of her world depends on her decision.

Taste of Darkness is the third and final book in the Avry of Kazan series and I would recommend that it not be read as a standalone. The events and characters are all interlinked with the events of the previous two books and it all makes that bit more sense if you have all the information. This review may contain spoilers. 

I think the best way to sum up my feelings about this book is by  mentioning that when I turned my kindle on this morning (13th September FYI!) I was disappointed that I wouldn't be spending any more time with Avry and Kerrick or the rest of their friends. I was then even more disappointed to realise that there would be no more of them ever. (Barring a re-read that is). It wasn't that the ending didn't feel complete, because it did, it's just that I've become too attached! 

One thing I loved about this series is that even through the three books there have been very few new main characters. The main cast has been kept small and that meant that the interactions between them all have had the attention that they deserved. In my mind it meant that characters that may have got left behind were allowed their moments to flourish. 

There were a couple of hairy moments where I wasn't too sure if some characters were going to make it, and I think there were a few moments where even they thought that they might not. But it was well written and kept me on my toes wondering what as going to happen next, which I loved. 

A lot of things were resolved in this book, not just the romance and the on going war, but also regarding the events surrounding the original plague (which was pre book 1) and how they could fight it in the future. It really seemed that Snyder thought of everything, while leaving things sufficiently roughed up so it didn't seem to inplausible. 

While I enjoyed the Chronicles of Ixia books that I've read, it's the Avry of Kazan series that has really cemented me as a fan of Snyder!

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