Thursday, 27 October 2016

Radar Deception by Mandy M Roth (#3 Immortal Ops)

Title: Radar Deception
Series: Immortal Ops (#3)
Author: Mandy M Roth
From: Review Copy
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 11th October 2016 (Re-release)
Challenges: 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon 
Synopsis (from Goodreads): Dr. Thaddeus Green survived a werepanther attack long ago, leaving him immortal and a member of the I-Ops team. He’s dedicated his life to genetics and to serving his country. After his mutated DNA led to the death of his loved one, he vowed to never let anyone close to his heart again. Try as he might, Green is unable to stop the mystical pull to the tall, leggy blonde with a sharp tongue and an even worse bite. Thinking Melanie is suffering from mating withdrawal, Green is prepared to do what he must to assure her survival, even if it means claiming her for himself, regardless of his need to protect his heart. Little does Green know that fate has been preparing him for Melanie Daly all his unnaturally long life. When ghosts from the past resurface, in ways he never dreamt possible, the normally mild-mannered scientist finds himself drawing on his inner beast and rage to assure his mate and their future are protected. But even Green can’t fight all of Melanie’s battles for her. Some she has no choice but to face on her own. Can their bond stand the test of time?

Radar Deception centres around a standalone romance, and could be read as a standalone bond. However there have been hints about what was building between Green and Melanie in both the previous books. This is an updated and extended anniversary edition, though I had not read the old edition so can't comment on any changes. This review is spoiler free. 

Something had been building between Green and Melanie from the moment they met and it was definitely interesting discovering their story! The two of them were both strong and determined characters which made it an interesting match, plus there were things that they hadn't told the others around them meaning that their story brought more of that to light too! 

There was definite chemistry between Green and Melanie, and I felt that that definitely extended beyond the physical. They intereacted with each other well on other levels and their personalities complimented each other well. 

I loved that Melanie, and to some extent the heroines from the previous books, Missy and Perin, formed a friendship with Wilson! He kind of works as the runt of the litter for the men and having the friendship with the women meant that he could come into his own more, I enjoyed learning more about him and am looking forward to his book! 

I was slightly worried about the role that Green's late wife was going to play in this book, and if he'd just suddenly get over her. It didn't work out anything like that and the twist in that regard definitely took me by surprise! I thought that it was resolved well and worked with the rest of the story. 

I enjoyed this one, as I am guaranteed to with all Roth's books anyway!

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