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Tiger of Talmare by Nina Croft

Title: Tiger of Talmare
Series: Frontiers of Love (#1)
Author: Nina Croft
From: Amazon
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Space Opera
Release Date: 9th September 2011
Challenges: 2016 Read the Books You Buy, Summer COYER 2016
Links: Goodreads - Amazon
Synopsis (from Goodreads): Melissa Stark will take on just about any job as long as the price is right. But this particular job she would gladly take on for free because Captain Zachary Knight has been a thorn in her side ever since she stole his starship ten years ago. Back then he was a genuine hero and poster boy for the army's hybrid breeding program. Now things have changed. Zach has been accused of a massacre on the planet of Talmare and is being shipped home to stand trial. But certain influential people want to make sure Zach never reaches Earth and Mel and her crew on The Revenge have been hired to intercept him and return him to Talmare. It should have been easy money. The problem is, Zach is impossible to resist and once Mel gets her hands on him she doesn't want to let him go. Now those same people are also after Mel.

Tiger of Talmare is a quick read that is a mix of romance and action, all with the backdrop of space and politics. It isn't heavy going, as it is only a novella, but there is plenty of intriguing details in the book that keep readers interested. 

There was good chemistry between Mel and Zach, even if there was a past between them that didn't make things so straight forward. While it was clear that they'd be good for one another they didn't just jump into it, there was more going on. 

Mel was a strong female character, and was surrounded by several others as well. She was determined and clearly smart, but she didn't let her past get the better of her. Nor did she just forget it as some heroines have a tendancy of doing. 

The world that Croft created was rich and detailed, even in so few pages! And there were a few moments where I wondered briefly if this was set in the same universe as Croft's Dark Desires series. While the descriptions weren't the same there were a few similarities, particularly in regards to the genetic modifiction. 

This was a great read, not that I expected any less from Nina Croft!

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