Friday, 19 August 2016

New Vampire Online by Annie Carroll

Title: New Vampire Online
Author: Annie Carroll
From: Story Cartel
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: 13th January 2014
Challenges: 2016 Blogger Shame, Summer COYER 2016
Links: Goodreads - Amazon 
Synopsis (from Goodreads): Cate the vampire, or as she thinks of herself, a ‘night person’, has launched a new online business with the help of Conrad, that sexy Cuban-American vampire. And her website is as hot as he is! Everything seems almost perfect until Evgeny the Zombie Vampire and his girlfriend, Tatiana the Liar, leap over the wall and land on the terrace beside her. Then her old boyfriend, Jack the Surfer, turns up again. Before long, cops show up asking questions. And more cops. Then there is that little adventure at the Chateau Montaigne near the Sunset Strip and the disappearance of her RV. Maybe Conrad is right: Cate seems to run into trouble everywhere.

I really wanted to like New Vampire Online, I thought it'd maybe be a little bit quirky with a comedy element and maybe a little bit of romance. And all I could think all the way through is how much I wanted to llike it and just couldn't seem able to. In fact the only thing that kept me going after I hit 50% (and had given up on it turning into the book I wanted to be) was that I'd already got that far, I may as well percevere to the end. 

I think my number one problem with New Vampire Online was the characters. There just wasn't anything there for me to relate to. Cate's main thoughts were of her business (which is fair enough) but seemed to be focused more on just how much money she made than on the intricacies of the other aspects which often got brushed off as "see I can fix this without Conrad".

I also just didn't get Cate and Conrad's relationship. He just seemed a little bit cardboard cut out and there for when Cate wanted sex. She told the reader that he was protective, but he never showed it, it was just talked about. Also if he's protective then what on earth was going on where Jack was concerned because that just seemed a bit weird. 

Most of the book just seemed to be about the vampires daily lives, and the somewhat boring tasks that they were doing. There was an overall plot arc and it did have potential but actually it seemed to get forgotten about for large sections at a time. On top of that it brought out one of the issues I had with this book; Cate's concience. 

When it came to killing other vampires Cate felt that it was wrong, and said that it was wrong. But when it came to killing humans it was fine so long as they hid the bodies well. I'm fine with reformed vampires, I'm fine with vampires killing only criminals, I'm fine with vampires falling off the wagon, but Cate & co,'s blantant disregard for human life of any kind made it very difficult to like them. 

However, I did like the chatty style that the author chose to write in, that was what I was expecting and I just wish that the content had lived up to that.