Sunday, 28 August 2016

Cocky Roomie by Faleena Hopkins

Title: Cocky Roomie
Series: The Cocker Brothers of Atlanata (#1)
Author: Faleena Hopkins
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance
Release Date:  16th June 2016
Challenges: Summer COYER 20162016 New Release Challenge, 2016 Read the Books You Buy
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Synopsis (from Goodreads): DREW: I'm in over my head. This move to Atlanta from my small Georgia town was a dream I've finally made into a reality now that I'm goin' through this divorce. But I need a place to stay and I'm out of options. When Jake Cocker opens the door wearin' only a towel and a confused smile (eight years younger than me and hotter than hell in August) I decide this is a VERY bad idea. But what am I supposed to do, give up and go back home? JAKE: With our dad being a congressman, and us coming from old-money, women throw themselves at me and my brothers. But Drew Charles is from a small Georgia town and doesn't know about us. I only rented to her out of pity, because I hate to see a woman cry. Then I braced myself for a nightmare... but she just hides in her room, studying. Why has that given her the starring role in all of my fantasies? And how can I convince her to make them real?
 The Cocker Brothers of Atlanta, Georgia, have earned their nickname -- The Cocky Brothers. Their daddy taught them to be real men. Their momma told them, "Hold out for a different kind of woman." They have one thing in common: ARROGANCE.

Since reading Cocky Biker (which is actually book 2) there's been a part of me niggling away until I read Cocky Roomie, and I'm glad there was. I really enjoyed Drew and Jake's story. I don't feel like I missed out by reading book 2 first either as the two are standalone and also I think Jett came across a bit less brash simply because I knew him first. 

Drew and Jake had a lot of tension from the very start and it grew as the book went on. There were a couple of misunderstandings, but everything seemed to work towards a stronger relationship for them and more sexual was a bit of a relief when they finally got down to it! However I did like that they didn't do anything until issues between them were cleared up and they didn't make a big deal out of the fact that there was something between them. 

Jake wasn't a bad boy (like Jett was!). He was definitely cocky and a bit full of himself but it was definitely endearing. He was also protective and supportive. As the book went on I defintiely softened towards him as a character and found him more likeable. 

Drew was indpendent. She was an older female protaganist than is maybe traditional, but she was strong willed and determined and not without baggage of her own. I believed in her as a character and was rooting for her getting through the rubbish! 

This was a good read, and I can't wait for more, particularly after seeing more of the brothers in this one than in Cocky Biker