Friday, 17 June 2016

Maxon by Christina Bauer

Title: Maxon
Series: Angelbound Offspring (#1)
Author: Christina Bauer
From: Amazon
Release Date: 12th May 2015
Challenges: N/A
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*May contain slight spoilers for the Angelbound Origins series*

Thrax High Prince Maxon is known for his women and for fighting demons, but recently he seems to have lost his lust for battle. Elemental apprentice Lianna has spent her life on the run since she escaped from the demon that kept her prisoner. As soon as the two of them meet something springs up between them. But Zephyr, the Monarkki of Air, is hunting down the other Monarkkis for their power, leaving Maxon and Lianna to face him or lose everything they care about.

Maxon is technically a standalone book, and it happens 19 years after the end of the Angelbound Origins series and focuses on the main characters' (Myla and Lincoln) son, Maxon. However I do think it was better having read the Origins series first, not only because it puts Maxon's demons (aka Armageddon) into context, but it also gives more background for the world in which Maxon and Lianna lived.

As a narrator Maxon did have some traits of Myla, which I definitely liked as it showed the relationship between them. Even before Myla actually turned up in the plot there was little doubt in my mind that the two of them were mother and son. However he did also have his own voice, and as with the other books I did find myself laughing at times.

Lianna was also a narrator and I liked her a lot. She was a strong female character. but she wasn't one of those that insisted on working alone, and she would work with others. She had fighting spirit and it helped a lot with her relationship with Maxon.

The elemental and Monarkki lore was new to the Angelbound universe and I liked the exploration of a new magic system. It was interesting and like nothing else I've ever read about (which is how I like my magic systems!) Maxon also took a step away from Purgatory, and as such gave more information about some of the other Thrax houses.

The relationship between Lianna and Maxon really worked for me. There was plenty of chemistry between the two of them but there was more than that too. There was admiration and respect for what each other could do and at no point did they doubt each other. For me it was truly a partnership.

Maxon did seem to me a little bit more mature than the previous books. Both Lianna and Maxon knew what they wanted and thought about it, and there was some bad language. I certainly didn't mind it as I thought that it showed a maturation of the story.

This was a great read, not that I was expecting any different though!