Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Cutlass by Ashley Nixon

Title: Cutlass
Series: Cutlass (#1)
Author: Ashley Nixon
From: Review Copy
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 13th November 2014
Challenges: 2016 Reading Assignment Challenge, 2016 Blogger Shame
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Pirate Barren Reed has one goal in mind; revenge against his brother for killing his father. When he  hears of his brother William's engagement to Larkin Lee, he decides that she'll be his ticket to getting William to fight him at sea. But things don't quite go to plan, and Barren finds himself on a quest for his uncle, the King, to find the bloodstone and return it to the family line that it protects...

It took me a little while to get into Cutlass, but after the first 5% or not (during which I was probably just distracted!) I found myself well and truly immersed in the story and the characters and didn't want to put it down. The action, adventure and fast moving plot really kept me engaged (and have me itching to read Flintlock...luckily for me it's on my Kindle already!)

The relationship between Barren and Larkin was really well done. The love story isn't the main focus of the book and I liked that, but it was there and it worked well with the rest of the story. The two of them challenged each other, and came to feel for each other despite their circumstances. But what I liked most was that when other characters pointed it out to them they didn't actually deny it. There wasn't any of the clich├ęd deny-the-attraction that happens so often in books.

The one thing I would say though is that it was really easy to forget how old the characters were. I think that they all came across as a little too mature for their age, and while that may have been due to circumstances, I don't think it would have done any harm for them to have all been that little bit older (Barren is 18 so I assumed William was 20, and from the one comment made I put Larkin at 17) as it would have worked better with their characters.

Cutlass was full of twists and turns and I will admit to being pretty surprised about how some of the plotlines resolved themselves, but I love being taken by surprise by plots so that wasn't a bad thing! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of Nixon's work!