Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bookish Reslutions Half Way Giveaway

2016 Bookish Resolutions

Bookish Resolutions is a challenge I co-host with Michelle @! I can't believe it's June already and we're half way through! 

This months update is very important because we have the halfway giveaway to put in what goals you have finished halfway and if you completed any goals (remember this need to also reflect at the end of the year to entire the end giveaway, for example if you reached your netgalley goal of 80% you need to keep it at 80% to enter into the grand prize giveaway at the end, only completed goals will count). Below you will find the giveaway. Just mark what you have accomplished and put a link to your post so we can check it out (put your post link in every entry). If you have more than five goals halfway completed, don't worry you can come back the next day and enter in those. Also applies with the completed goals, you can add it twice but come back the next day and enter in two more. You have until July 29, 2016 to get all your goals and post links in the rafflecopter. 

The halfway mark also has a few changes that Michelle and I thought would make things a little more helpful. We are allowing you to change a few of your goals and also delete some. (this is harder than it would looks)

Here is how it will work. 

If you have 5 goals you are able to delete 1 and tweak 1
If you have 10 goals you are able to delete 2 and tweak 2
If you have 15 goals you are able to delete 3 and tweak 3
Do you get it. Every 5 you add 1 and 1. 
Then just link below your updated resolutions post with what you deleted and what you tweaked. Thats it. We know that after working so hard half the year some of the goals just don't seem to be working as well as you wanted or some just don't apply anymore, for example, if you wanted your goal for Netgalley to be 65% and you are now at 70% and want to get to 80% instead. You can tweak it. It will still count on the giveaway this month since you can mark as completed but to be able to enter into the giveaway at the end you must get to that 80%. 

If you have any questions about this change, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. Resolutions are hard, they are a big change but we also want this to be fun and not frustrating so we thought this would help, plus it will be added into next years challenge. 

Giveaway Time! Remember any completed goals can only be used once! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to Link Up and include what (if anything!) you've changed!

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My Bookish Resolutions Progress (which is way behind where I should be!)

Blogging Goals 
  1. Schedule posts before the day they are 'due' (especially for challenge updates!)
    I'm back on track with this one! My job has changed (yet again!) back to what it was which has given me more time to sort this out!
  2. Reintroduce non-review content
    And this one I've completely gone awol on, so I'm going to change this one to: Post a detailed update on everything on the first Sunday of each month
  3. Cross post Blog Posts regularly, preferably in under a week since post date
    Back on track with this one too! Nearly there guys
  4. Tidy up the Trips Down Imagination Road Facebook & Twitter Pages
    This one is going, mostly because I decided I was pretty happy with where I'm at with it. 
  5. Visit other blogs regularly (I used to but this dropped off the radar a bit)
    I actually did visit a few blogs regularly this month (though I will admit to a bit of silent stalking! But hopefully COYER starting again will help me with this!
Reading Goals 
  1. Improve Netgalley ratio by at least 10% (if this is achieved by the half way mark then it will be upped to 20%). I did succeed in improving my ratio in 2015 and was actually quite surprised to find I'd improved it by 7% (at the time of writing).
    I've gone up 6% this year, which is pretty decent going considering how many unread Netgalley books I have on there! Not quite the 10% I'd hoped for at this point, but still on track! 
  2. COMPLETED: Finish 10 series this year. (I get distracted a little easy! I can have already started the series previously)
    So far I've finished 12 series this year; The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson, Circle of Evil by Kylie Brant, Trevor's Harem by Aubrey Parker, Rook & Ronin by JA Huss, The Seduction by Roxy Sloane, City of Legends by Cheyanne Young, The Winner's Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski, Galaxy Playmates by Michelle M Pillow, Dark Dirty & Deadly by JA Huss, The Dukes of War by Erica Ridley, Everealm by JD Wright, I Am Just Junco by JA Huss
  3. Complete 3 year long challenges (may change the number depending on how many I sign up for). Bookish Resolutions does not count for this sub-goal.
    I've completed 2 so far (Prequel & Sequel) & 2016 New Release Challenge but I'm on track with the rest of them!
  4. Read 3 books a month that were already on my kindle at the start of 2016 (can be from Netgalley, Amazon etc.)
    I think I've read 7 
Personal Goal
  1. Finish Cloaked (the sequel to my published Novella)
    Cloaked has a Cover now so this is almost complete