Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Armageddon by Christina Bauer

Title: Armageddon
Series: Angelbound Origins (#3)
Author: Christina Bauer
From: Amazon
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 14th October 2014
Challenges: 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

*May contain spoilers for previous books in the series*

Years have passed since Myla banished Armageddon back to Hell, and life has been going pretty smoothly since then. Now married, Myla and Lincoln are King and Queen of Antrum, as well as Myla being the Great Scala and being parents to a supernatural 3 year old, Maxon. But when a threat to Maxon is revealed, Myla and Lincoln have to face hell itself to get him back, and they will stop at nothing for their little boy.

Wow...I mean this series was great already, but Armageddon was such a great addition to the series (and it's even better because I just discovered there's another book coming that takes place between book 2 and this one!) It's set years after the end of book 2 which meant that the realms could have moved on in some ways and become more at peace, which helped for the plotline of the book.

Myla herself had definitely matured. She was still sassy and had the same amount of spunk as she did in the previous books, but her priorities had shifted slightly. There was less of the relationship with her Mom and her best friend, because her main focus was on her own family; Lincoln and Maxon. The Mommy-gene that she kept referring to worked brilliantly too. At no point did she forget that she was a mother, and to her it was one of the most important things, and I definitely liked that.

Lincoln had also matured, but just like Myla he was the same character as he'd always been and that helped progress the story. And little Maxon! He was unbelievably sweet. (tail-snuggles is just the cutest thing!) I can't imagine a reader not loving him. He was the perfect mix of a future leader and fearless boy, as well as having the softer and more scared side of him.

There were some new characters added into the mix too. I liked what I saw of Hildy, and hope that there is more of her in the other Angelbound books, I also hope she gets a good ending because it doesn't sound like she's had a good beginning. There was also Anubis and Nefer, whose story was wound into the existing mythology really well.

I already liked the way that Bauer represented the different realms, including Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. For the most part the mythology seemed to be based on Christian beliefs, but there are other systems involved, and it all wove together to create a rich and believable world.

Basically I loved this, not that there was any doubt that I would! And I'm really looking forward to more from Bauer (which is good considering there's the Angelbound Offspring books too!)