Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Touched by Love by Melissa Foster

Title: Touched by Love
Series: Love in Bloom - The Remingtons (#6)
Author: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 18th May 2016
Challenges: 2016 New Release Challenge, 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
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Janie refuses to be anything less than independant despite being nearly blind, but when she suffers a fall she quickly learns that sometimes you have to rely on others. Boyd Hudson has been trying to keep Janie at arms length, never letting on how attracted to her he is, until her fall. The two of them quickly fall into a routine and discover that there is much more between them than simply friends. But Boyd has a past he needs to face, and with the two of them at pivotal points in their careers, a new relationship could prove difficult...

I must say, Foster always delivers, especially when you want a romance that you know will work out in the end, but will have to work for the HEA. The elements of family and friendship in the books just make them seem more real and I love that touch.

I really liked that Janie and Boyd had to deal with real life relationship dramas. It wasn't all big things (though Boyd's past was pretty major and my heart broke for him), it was the little things like career decisions and saying things without thinking, that really made it real for me.

While Janie being blind was a plot point I don't feel that it was over laboured. It was used to show how attentive Boyd was and added a slightly different dynamic to their relationship, but for the most part their relationship was perfectly "normal" (in inverted commas because I believe that every relationship is unique anyway!)

I loved the side characters too! Some of them I've read of before, and others could be placed in family trees I know of (though it took me a while in a couple of cases!) Kiki was definitely my favourite though! And the cute!