Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway by Erica Ridley

Title: The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway
Series: The Dukes of War (#6)
Author: Erica Ridley
From: Netgalley
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: 1st December 2015
Challenges: 2016 Blogger Shame, 2016 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge, 2016 Reading Assignment, 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
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*May contain minor spoilers to previous books in the series*

Clara Halton was almost ruined before she fled to America. Now she's thought to be dying. When Captain Blackheart is sent to collect her by her daughter's fiancé, he expects to be escorting an old woman. Much to his surprise he finds Clara to be of age with him, and more than that her fiesty and independent nature can't help but capture his attention in ways it probably shouldn't...

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway ties in (and occurs somewhat parallel to) some of the events in two previous books in the series; The Earl's Defiant Wallflower (book 2) and The Major's Faux Fiancée (book 3). Unlike the other books in the series where for the most part it is just characters that overlap, in this case there are also events. However, this could still be read as a stand alone (but benefits from the other stories too!)

I loved having an older Regency heroine! Clara isn't naive or particularly innocent in the ways of the world, and that makes her a completely different kind of heroine. It also made her attitude towards men and attraction more interesting and allowed her to be more of the agressor than some of the past heroines.

There was more action in The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway than there was in the other books, mostly due to the fact that a lot of it was set on a pirate ship, though as far as I could tell they weren't illegal type pirates which was a bit different!

I also liked that this book humanised one of the characters who seemed like a bit of a baddie in The Major's Faux Fiancée. Originally I wasn't sure what to make of him, and though the ending of that book made me like hiim a bit more it was this one that really turned it around for me.

This was anoter great installment to the series, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else the author has in store!