Monday, 11 April 2016

Right by Jana Aston

Title: Right
Author: Jana Aston
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 6th April 2016
Challenges: 2016 New Release Challenge, 2016 Read the Books You Buy
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Ever since she was 6 years old, Everly has been certain that Finn Camden is the man for her. Even going as far as picking her college based on the one he teaches at. But when Everly ends up on a car journey with Finn's brother, Sawyer, things start to change, and Everly realises that maybe Finn wasn't the right man for her all along...

There are really no words to describe Right! It was just perfect. It made me laugh and go "awww" more than once, and had that perfect balance. Honestly it's like watching a chick flick only much better (I don't have the attention span for films!) It's a real feel good book, just like Wrong was. The fact that I read it in less than a day (on release day naturally!) says it all for me.

I loved the chemistry between Everly and Sawyer. Not only was it there physically, but mentally they also worked well together. There was a good back and forth between them and it made their relationship feel comfortable. There was no part where I thought they weren't perfect for each other.

And the was just perfect. Not quite the massive "aww" factor that Wrong had, but it was still cute and really well suited to the couple. It tied together all the loose ends and didn't let the rest of the book down!

The fact that there are female friendships in Right makes it all the better too. You see the other side of Everly and Sophie's friendship that was introduced in Wrong, but also are introduced to Chloe (who I hope is going to get her own book, and I hope is going to end up with who I think she is!). It makes the whole story more realistic for me, because let's face it, women talk to each other about those things!

I loved this book. I'm not even sure I can express quite how much!