Friday, 25 March 2016

The Lion's Heir by Lilly Pink

Title: The Lion's Heir
Author: Lilly Pink
From: Amazon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 10th October 2015
Challenges: Online Book Club
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Lion shifter Kyle is trying to prove his worth and his independence from his father with his own company, until he is forced into an arranged marriage. Krista is captivating and beautiful and everything he didn't know he needed. Kyle soon finds himself falling for her, and that's when things come tumbling down.

I don't want to write too much about The Lion's Heir  because I came very close to to DNF-ing it. It was only because it was my Online Book Club read and it wasn't a very long book that kept me reading.

I thought that the book did have some promise, and it started well I thought with Kyle wanting to set up his own company and assert his independence. But then somehow it just went down hill. There were a lot of mentions of the town they were in as a shifter refuge but then nothing else seemed to be mentioned about it.

But what really put me off was the sex scenes. They just didn't work. There were several words that made me cringe and some that just seemed really unnecessary. It just made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

I thought The Lion's Heir had promise but I didn't think it delivered.