Sunday, 6 March 2016

Silk by Michelle M Pillow

Title: Silk
Author: Michelle M Pillow
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance, Superhero
Release Date: 14th July 2010
Challenges: N/A
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

When Quinlan's father died he did the only thing he could think of to protect his research; he injected it into his daughter. Now a superhero, Quinlan lives a reclusive life away from the limelight and with as little to do with other people as possible unless she's saving them. Nick Grant has a mission; to make sure that Quinlan doesn't sell her father's formula to anyone else and the path to being a superhero, and to do so he's been told to seduce Quinlan, only problem being that he wants to do that for himself as well as for his mission...

This was a quick read, and I can't say I've found any superhero type books like it, but it was a good quick read, the kind of thing that fits in nicely between books and soothes a craving for something quick, easy and sci-fi.

Because of the length there wasn't time for that much character development, instead over the course of the book there was more of a getting to know the character vibe. It worked well because there was no information dump based on each character and things came to the front naturally over the course of reading.

There was plenty of action in the book, both fighting and sex, the balance worked well in a short read though. Quinlan's powers were revealed and the characters had an issue to resolve (which they did while showing off their skills!)

The chemistry between Quinlan and Nick was good, as a reader you really got a sense that they were physically compatible (even if there was a little bit of insta-love going on). The sex scene was good, and the build up towards it of the tension aided this.

This was a good quick read, and once again Pillow doesn't disappoint.