Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sale: I Love My Trilogy by Faleena Hopkins

The I Love My…Trilogy
I Love My Breakup
I Love My S.O.S.
I Love My Fire

$0.99 - normally $6.99

Who knew one man's visit to New York could completely change their lives, in such incredible, very different ways? 

Jessica, Amber and Nicole are three very loyal, best girlfriends, leaning on each other as they stumble through the muck of frogs in search of their forevers, in this three-novel boxed set by former stand-up comedienne Faleena Hopkins, under her previous pen name, "Sabrina Lacey." It features Mark from the "Anything For You" Series on his trip to NYC, and how the player became a man. 

You can check out my reviews of the series (from when it was released under Sabrina Lacey!) here: