Saturday, 5 March 2016

My TBR List (March)

Thank you to  Michelle @ Because Reading's for hosting! So this month I'm going for knocking books off my Netgalley books, particularly because one of my Bookish Resolutions is to up my Netgalley percent by 10%! (I had to go with 10% because I am far too embarrassed to admit my true ratio!) 

Title: Queen of Broken Hearts 
Series: Queen of Broken Hearts (#1) 
Author: Jennifer Recchio 
From: Netgalley 
Genre: Contemporary 
Release Date: 3rd April 2013
Links: Goodreads - Amazon
Synopsis: Con artist is a little too strong a descriptor for Birdie Anders. She prefers the term "Fabrication Specialist."
Taking over her high school was easy for a girl whose mother fabricated her way into becoming a Hollywood movie star. Now Birdie just has to keep her minions under control while maintaining her perfect image. Oh, and make sure no one digs up her criminal record. 
Things are about to get less than perfectly boring. 
The criminal-record-inducing love-of-her-life is back in town, and he's determined to crash her life into the un-sparkly rocks.
Losing is for losers.
Birdie isn't about to lose everything she's fought for to a boy. She needs to execute the ultimate take down before her crown gets lost in the scuffle. But the real problem might be keeping her traitorous heart from getting in the way.

Title: Sun and Moon 
Author: Elizabeth Paradise 
From: Netgalley 
Genre: Fantasy 
Release Date: 8th December 2013
Synopsis: Imagine having your world turned upside down. You realize that nothing is what it seems.
Emily and Ashe were born without magic in a land that ranks you on how powerful your talents are. Suddenly the source of that magic is destroyed. Emily and Ashe are forced to fight their way through obstacle after obstacle to find the truth about who they are, and how they can save the lives of people in not only their own world, but other dying worlds.

Title: Combustion 
Author: Elia Winters
From: Netgalley 
Genre: Steampunk (I think...) 
Release Date: 5th March 2015
Links: Goodreads - Amazon
Synopsis: For explosive chemistry, all you need is the right catalyst…
A war orphan, Astrid Bailey is content living her adult life alone, working as a contract machinist. Her real passion, though, is inventing felicitation devices that promote women’s sexual empowerment and help them find pleasure independent of a man.
The upcoming World’s Fair, with its substantial cash prize, is an opportunity to open the shop she’s always imagined and hopefully solve her financial woes. Except the committee has denied her entry unless she obtains a “sponsor”. Astrid suspects they mean “male”.
Eli Rutledge, noted watchmaker, knows entering the fair will solidify his reputation as an innovator —but he’s fresh out of ideas. Until Astrid approaches him with her outrageous product line. With no other options, though, he agrees to lend her his good name.
As construction heats up, so does their chemistry—and the complications. Astrid is unaccustomed to asking for help, much less sharing credit. And Eli fights an attraction that could spell professional disaster. As the Fair date approaches, Astrid and Eli must decide how far they’ll go. For the business…and for each other.

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