Sunday, 20 March 2016

Flight by JA Huss

Title: Flight
Series: I Am Just Junco (#3)
Author: JA Huss
From: I Am Just Junco Omnibus (Amazon)
Genre: Sci-fi
Release Date: 1st October 2012
Challenges: 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

*May contain spoilers for previous books.*

Having survived her Fledge, and enjoyed some time away with Tier, Junco needs to return to Earth and fulfill her promise to return the other Five of the Seven Siblings to the Avian race. But there is more to it, especially with the prophecy that she is the key to destroying either the Avians or the Humans, and with people from her past now back in play and the truth hidden from her by the people she really wants to trust, Junco is torn about what she should do...

Ahh the ending! My heart was breaking for poor Junco and now I really really want to read the next book (but can't because I have some scheduled reviews I need to do first), I thought that the ending did somehow show that Junco had accepted herself though, which is maybe something that she'd avoided doing.

I thought there was a much more mature side of Junco coming through in Flight, it's easy to forget she's only 19 anyway, but in this case there was also the thing she was really worried about and didn't necessarily want Tier to know (cryptic on purpose). I think that really did bring out a different, and slightly surprising side of her.

There was a lot going on in Flight, you really had to have your whole mind on the book and what was going on but for me it worked and the complexity really added something to the reading experience. I also learnt in an earlier book that not everything is as it seems for Junco, and there are reveals around every corner. Again I thought this worked well.

Junco's love life seemed to straighten itself out a bit for the most part in Flight, and like I said in my review of Fledge, once I've decided what couple I want together that's it, it takes a lot to change my mind. So I am intrigued still about where her love life is going and I could end up changing my mind on that one.

This is a great series, full of a complex plot and characters that just drag you in. Plus Junco really grows on you! I wasn't a big Junco (the person) fan in Clutch, but by Flight I really like her.