Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Status by JA Huss

Title: Status
Series: Social Media (#4)
Author: JA Huss
From: COYER Secret Santa (Thank You Berls!)
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Erotica
Release Date: 8th September 2014
Challenges: 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (1 point), Winter COYER 2015-2016
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Having her past splashed all over the media, Grace and her fellow escapee, Kristi, have run to a safe place, somewhere where they won't have to face their problems just yet. But Vaughn doesn't like not knowing where Grace is, and when threats are made by the man who caused her so much pain in her past, he does everything he can to stop him, at the same time as trying to ensure that Grace forgives him for what he himself has done...

Firstly, thank you so much Berls! I was desperate to read Status and COYER Secret Santa definitely gave me the excuse I needed!

I must admit when I started this series I didn't envisage that this is where it would go. I thought it would be steamy and sexy (which it is without doubt) but what I don't think I had counted on was the suspense element. Which I absolutely love. It really adds to the story and really makes me want to read the next book straight away (which breaks some of my own rules so is not actually an option!)

This book really focuses on Grace's past, with a little bit about Vaughn's sister in there as well. Though previous books had alluded it to being traumatic, I hadn't imagined anything quite like what came out in this book. It explains a lot of the more complicated emotions that Grace felt as well as adding to the suspense (and the ending...I can't believe it stopped there.)

There was a lot of going forward in Vaughn and Grace's relationship in the previous book, and for Vaughn that still stands, though Grace doesn't remember so she starts a little further back. It is even more clear in Status just what they mean together and their growing relationship also adds to the story (as well as keeping it sexy!)

I never have any doubt when I pick up a JA Huss book that I'll enjoy it, and Status just proved that to me more.