Friday, 18 December 2015

Victoria by W J May

Title: Victoria
Series: Daughter of Darkness (#1)
Author: W J May
From: Amazon
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 19th June 2015
Challenges: N/A
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Hunter Victoria hasn't failed at a Hunt in a long time. Except when faced with a sister she never knew she had she lets her escape. Now hunted by the family she thought she had, she finds refuge with werewolf brothers Trent and Evan, men that she was sent to kill. Alongside them and her wolf pet, Eddie, she makes her stand and in the process learns more about herself than she knew before, raising questions about her true past.

I'm so glad I continued with the firsts in this series after being a bit unsure about Jezebel. Lotus was better, and Victoria was on a par with that. This is no damsel in distress looking for someone to save her, she was more than willing to save herself...though if help came in the form of a hot werewolf then she isn't one to say no.

It was interesting learning more about Vampires in Victoria. Both Lotus and Jezebel centred around half-vampires (and half-fae/half-sucubae respectively) and so not much was revealed about vampire culture. However Victoria was a full vampire (which based on what was said in previous books may raise more questions) and that showed some insight.

There was chemistry between Evan and Victoria, which is something that I think had been lacking ever so slightly in the other two books. Lotus didn't really have a male lead at this point, and Jezebel was a little more frustrating to read because of how useless the female MC was at times.

One thing I have realised in this review is how I can't help but compare the first books in the stories. It's not something I've actually caught myself doing before. I think that because all four books happen more or less simultaneously, and all have the same purpose (i.e. to introduce the lead characters and get the story rolling), it is inevitable to compare, which leads to a different reading least for me!