Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lovestruck by Siobhan Davis

Title: Lovestruck
Series: True Calling (#1.5)
Author: Siobhan Davis
From: Review Copy
Genre: Sci-fi, Dystopian
Release Date: 20th March 2015
Challenges: 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (1 point)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Cal Remus could have any girl that he wanted. Except that he has his sights on the one girl that can't seem to stand him; Ariana Skyee. But if Cal is one thing, he is determined, and if his normal charm offense won't work on her, then he will find another way, even if his best friend Ben despairs of him. Set in the events running up to the Calling, it gives Cal's view of Ariana and Novo.

Lovestruck is only short, but I do think that it gives an interesting insight into Cal and his feelings for Ariana. From True Calling (which I do think should be read first) I don't think it was clear quite how long those feelings ha been going on and this just opened my eyes to it (doesn't hurt that I loved the Cal-Ariana pairing).

It was also interesting getting a true account of what went on in the Remus household. Things came across as bad when  he told Ariana in True Calling, but actually I think reading about it in Lovestruck made Cal seem like such a stronger person. It also explained a little bit why he was the way he was.

The other thing that really stood out for me was the depth of his friendship with Ben. It was already clear they were good friends, and on earth they had their foundation for helping teens come to terms with their sexuality, so they were clearly close, but this really drove it home.

It was interesting to get Cal's perspective, even on such a small part of his and Ariana's relationship!