Thursday, 17 December 2015

Edible: The Sex Tape by Cassia Leo

Title: Edible The Sex Tape
Series: Untitled (#1)
Author: Cassia Leo
From: Amazon
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 18th August 2014
Challenges: N/A
Links: Goodreads - Amazon 

Max Milan was the hottest new DJ in Vegas until he lost his girlfriend, Bridget because he cheated on her, had a sex tape released, and ended up in jail. Now he's out and he is determined to be bigger and better than ever; but that means securing a top agent. But when he goes for his interview the last person he expects to end up in front of is his ex-girlfriend now going under the name of Elara. Can he convince her to sign on...

I don't feel that I can write a particularly long review for Edible the Sex Tape. This is short, and definitely feels like there is more coming to the story (especially after the cliff hanger ending). It almost has a kind of serial feel to it, though there doesn't appear to be any other parts to it yet.

I basically chose to read Edible the Sex Tape because of how much I've been enjoying reconnecting with Leo's Shattered Hearts series, so I figured that I may as well try out some of her other work. The writing was good, and the flow of the story worked well, but it didn't click in quite the same way, potentially because Max was definitely more of a tool than Chris, Tristan or Adam.

I found it difficult to like Max, in either the present or the future stories. He was very full of himself and basically didn't seem to care what other people thought. It just didn't sit well with me, and how he treated women as well. Maybe I'm just being a little judgmental, and maybe at some point he'll be redeemed.

This is a quick read, which has left me in two minds about whether I would want to continue the story. One thing I am sure about though is that you should pick another book as an intro to Cassia Leo!