Monday, 21 December 2015

Aurora Sky by Nikki Jefford

Title: Aurora Sky
Series: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter (#1)
Author: Nikki Jefford
From: Amazon
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 9th December 2012
Challenges: Online Book Club 
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

When Aurora Sky is in a car accident she thinks that it is the end for her, but she soon ends up waking up in a top secret government facility with several of her organs replaced. As a member of a rare blood group, Aurora has been selected to receive genetic advancements and become a vampire hunter. Except that's not what she wants and she quickly finds herself in a vastly different position to the one she thought she was in...

Wow. Aurora Sky was not what I expected. I thought it'd be an enjoyable YA read and what I actually got was that bit grittier and that bit better than I thought. I really felt that Aurora was a real character. She felt real emotions and did things and said things she shouldn't as a result. Basically she was a teenager acting like a teenager and I couldn't help but like that!

I liked how the romance wasn't as cut and dry as in some books. It was clear from the beginning that Aurora was attracted to Fane in some way, but he wasn't the main guy on her radar. I thought what she went through with Scott was actually far more realistic (unfortunately) for teenage girls. Though I was definitely finding myself in the Fane camp.

Dante is clearly going to add another element going forward too. He was kind of charming but I couldn't help but think that he was a bit of a bad boy. I'm not sure I can see him as the right kind of guy for Aurora, but that could all change in future books I know.

The other thing I really liked was Aurora's growing friendship with Noel, and her antagonism with Valerie. I thought that they seemed to make her seem more like a normal girl as well. So many authors ignore the friends and frenemies (which is what I'm classing Valerie as for now) and it was good to see one not doing so!

I loved this book, and am hoping to continue the series soon!