Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Seeker Must Awaken by Willow A Renner

Title: The Seeker Must Awaken
Series: The Lux Seekers (#1)
Author: Willow A Renner
From: Story Cartel
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: N/A
Challenges: 2015 Reading Assignment Challenge 
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Alexa has been having dreams of another dimension, one in which she has Quinn, an  elf that she loves, and Sorcha, an evil stepmother. But when she talks to her psychiatrist about it she is only given riddles and evasive answers...that is until she turns 16 and learns that she isn't who she thought she was and has a much bigger destiny than she thought.

N.B. The Seeker Must Awaken is no longer being published. I had a copy of this, and the sequel Book of Shadows, from Story Cartel and as they are on my #2015hw list I have/am still going to, read them.

I'm not sure what I should really say about The Seeker Must Awaken, I have some very mixed feelings about it and am reluctant to say anything that could be construed as bad.

The concept of The Seeker Must Awaken was great, a bit of time travel, magic, dimension hopping and fantasy rolled into one, and I do think that meant that the book had potential. The starting chapters were also good and had me drawn into the book.

Unfortunately I did find that after the first chapter or so I started to lose patience and attention with the book. I found myself not really wanting to read on at some points. I'm not sure exactly what it was that I wasn't a big fan of; the characters were a little stiff but they did have their own personalities.

One of the main issues I did notice though was Alexa herself. At the beginning of the book I thought she came across as a doer, but as the book went on I thought she just kept complaining and whining a little bit.

This book was a bit of a disappointment. I'm hoping that the second one will be better because the concept did sound great!