Saturday, 7 November 2015

Jezebel by Kristen Middleton

Title: Jezebel
Series: Daughter of Darkness (#1)
Author: Kristen Middleton
From: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Release Date: 18th September 2015
Challenges: 2015 New Release Challenge
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Private investigator Jezebel is used to catching men and women in the act of cheating. But now she may have to fight for her own life. When a strange vampire, Dorian, arrives with the news that her mother has died and her father is trying to kill her, Jezebel decides that she simply wants to carry on with her night as planned; catching men in the act. But she soon finds that she's not as indestructible as she thought and may just be out of her depth.

Right. Now I need to sort out my thoughts about Jezebel. This is one I came across by chance and it is a series split into four (one for each daughter) whose story is then split up. Now that just seems like a lot to commit to, and I'm not too sure whether I want to after Jezebel. One of the issues I have is that I read reviews before I wrote mine, which in general I choose to avoid because I don't like them contaminating my own thoughts.

I liked Jezebel's spirit. She was very determined and wanted to get things done her own way and with her own resources. It was also interesting having such a moral character who was part-succubus and part-vampire. She wasn't preaching about religion or anything but she did seem to have a very keen sense of right and wrong which she stuck to. I definitely liked having good consistancy with a character like that.

What I wasn't so keen on was the fact that she was pretty much useless. To say she was a supernatural being she got captured really easily and couldn't seem to get out of situations herself, always needing to be saved (and not always by one of the male characters). I'm not saying she should never need help, but it would have been nice to have a character who could stand her own.

I will admit to being intrigued as to the other sisters, and it could be that I pick Jezebel's story back up if they prove very enjoyable, but I do think this is one I will be waiting to find out about what happens next.