Thursday, 26 November 2015

Book of Shadows by Willow A Renner (DNF)

Title: Book of Shadows
Series: The Lux Seekers (#2)
Author: Willow A Renner
From: Story Cartel
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: N/A
Challenges: 2015 Reading Assignment 
Links: Goodreads

Having saved the home that she never knew she had, Alexa and her brother Ian are ready to start school in their new home. But things aren't all good, especially since the elf that Alexa loves, Quinn, has broken off their relationship because he is her teacher.

N.B. The Seeker Must Awaken and Book of Shadows are no longer being published. I had copies of these books from Story Cartel and as they are on my #2015hw list I have read them. 

So I wasn't a massive fan of The Seeker Must Awaken, though I did think that it had potential. I have read bad first in the series books that then turned into great second in the series books, so figured I may as well give Book of Shadows a go. Unfortunately I did have to stop at 30% because it just wasn't working for me. 

The same issues that arose in the first book appeared in this one too, and to add to that there seemed to be a lot of repetition of the events that happened in the first book (which only took up a paragraph of explanation). 

Also Alexa seemed to be forming friendships super quickly and I didn't like it. Not everyone is going to like everyone, and yet she moved into her new dorm room and they all suddenly seemed to be best friends. Now this could have changed later in the book, but even at the beginning it was frustrating. 

There was also a lot of modernisms in the book. Normally I don't mind them, but the things like computers and slang just didn't seem to mold seamlessly into the fantasy setting, which I didn't like. It was just a little frustrating. 

I think that one of the main reasons these books didn't appeal is because they had so much potential. There was a good plot premise and it could have been really interesting if they had successfully pulled it off.