Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The High Priestess by Katee Robert

Title: The High Priestess
Series: Sanctify (#0.5)
Author: Katee Robert
From: COYER Secret Santa
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance
Release Date: 17th March 2012
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Gerard prides himself on his loyalty to Sanctify and his mission of ridding the universe of Aliens. When injured on a mission he is forced to seek aid of a local bar keeper, and while in the bar he meets Marianna. Marianna knows that as a Diviner she should avoid Sanctify at all costs, the alternative being death by torture and burning. When her cards and the Lady lead her to Gerard she ends up in the hands of Sanctify with no hope of escape. But the cards tell a different story. All she has to do is trust in her captor.

I really enjoyed the previous Sanctify books that I’ve read (Queen of Swords and Queen of Wands) and so I was excited to read The High Priestess, and thankfully that paid off! The High Priestess was action packed and just as thrilling as the previous two books I’d read. (Or the next two depending what order you read in!)

I did wonder about the name of the book (especially with the other two books being named after Tarot cards) but it all became clear in the course of the book, and showed me the complete lack of knowledge that I have about Tarot cards it seems!

I really liked that Gerard didn’t turn his back on his beliefs for no reason (even if that put Marianna in danger). In fact it wasn’t til he had proof that his views weren’t necessarily right that he even thought he could do much against Sanctify’s wishes, even if he did feel that things went too far sometimes.

The romance between Marianna and Gerard was interesting. Actually I’m not 100% sure it could be classed as a traditional romance (and I think the main reason that I have is because I know the future for the two of them). There was definite physical attraction and interest in the person, but there were no sudden declarations of love, which was definitely a new and interesting way of doing it!

It was also really interesting learning more about Sanctify. This book didn’t give too much away, but I definitely thought it gave more insight into an organisation that has simply been ‘evil’ up until now. Though the status of the organisation isn’t really changed in my mind, it was clear that Robert wanted to point out that even bad organisations have good people in them.

The High Priestess was an interesting prequel. I’m glad I read it after having read books 1 & 2 though, I’m not sure it would have created as much of an impact without reading them first.