Saturday, 5 September 2015

Seducing Cecilia by Michelle M Pillow

Title: Seducing Cecilia
Series: Divinity Healers (#2)
Author: Michelle M Pillow
From: Review Copy
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance
Release Date: 4th September 2013
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Dr Cecilia Markos is for a world where everything is ordered and chaos is frowned  upon, so even though she fantasises about kissing a man without written permission, she’d never act upon it. A dignitary visit to Plane 187 introduces Cecilia to Dr Gerard Fauchet, someone who could make all her fantasies come true. Determined to seduce Cecilia again after the first time, Gerard can’t help but fall for her, both the intelligent doctor and the woman fighting against the indoctrines of her home plane.

Seducing Cecilia was a good second instalment of the Divinity Healers books, especially because I thought it focused less on the sex element of the story than book 1, Ariella’s Keeper did, though Seducing Cecilia did have a fair few sex scenes of its own.

The story itself starts from about half way through the previous book, and though having read Ariella’s Keeper  would help with the understanding of Seducing Cecilia, it could be read as a standalone book. The stories do overlap ever so slightly and the characters are recurring in both of them! I also think that Seducing Cecilia gives a good clue as to who the couple is in book 3, Linnea’s Arrangement.

The chemistry was good between Gerard and Cecilia, partly built up by Cecilia resisting temptation. I liked how they didn’t jump into it quite as blindly as most couples, rather they started off as something casual (and hidden, though that was never really going to work!)

I liked that Cecilia didn’t suddenly forget what her home world taught her. Instead she had to overcome it and still actually wanted to think like that to some extent. Her home world was visited in some ways and I was definitely interested by the dystopian feel of it.

Seducing Cecilia was definitely enjoyable, I’m looking forward to being able to read the next book!