Monday, 28 September 2015

Release Day: Scarlett's Path by Amos Cassidy

Do not stray from the path.
There is magic in the forest, a serenity that calls to your soul.
The woods may turn your head, they may keep you forever…
Scarlett knows no peace. Fear and disappointment are her constant companions and hope is simply a word. A stepfather who watches her every move with desire, a mother who spends her days and nights in an alcoholic stupor, and a cottage too small to escape from it all. The forest is the only place Scarlett can breathe, the only place to run, until the final straw, until the final betrayal. Scarlett makes a choice that will change her life…
She steps off the path…

“The woods can turn your head… It’s easy to lose yourself in amongst the trees and you, my sweet Scarlett, are a delicious treat the woods would love to keep forever.”

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