Monday, 21 September 2015

#Forfeit by Caroline Batten

Title: #Forfeit
Author: Caroline Batten
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Humour
Release Date: 31st July 2014
Challenges: N/A
Links: Amazon - Goodreads

Daisy Fitzgerald's life has been better. Her high profile split from her ex-husband and her lack of a home, make teaching privileged teenagers a chore. Xander, a disgraced chef with a penchant for unavailable women. But Daisy changes all that, and Xander starts playing the long game to win her heart. One night, having drunk too many cocktails and drugs, the pair find themselves playing the ultimate game of dares; Forfeit. But things soon become more and more outrageous and the group start doing things they'd never thought they would...

Its only on re-reading the blurb of #Forfeit that there were parallels to The Great Gatsby, which was a book I was never really keen on. But #Forfeit brought it into the 21st century, partying and social media included. I liked the updated version a lot in fact.

I thought that the book really managed to capture the messiness of life; the not having a clue what to do with yourself, not always liking the people you're around, drinking too much, making bad was all there. Along with the good stuff and the little sweet things that the characters did for one another.

I was laughing aloud at some parts of #Forfeit, Daisy was a good main character and there were others that came out with equally good one liners and conversations. The mix of  some maturity (the characters were all early-mid twenties) like jobs, mortgages and lives, contrasted with the partying and childish behaviour was an interesting twist, and did have me feeling slightly worried about how much of my friends I could see in there!

There were times where I found myself a little nervous about how things would end for the characters, they did seem to make some dodgy decisions. I liked that it wasn't clean cut but did like how things panned out in the end!