Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Damage Report by Mandy M Roth

Title: Damage Report
Series: Immortal Outcasts (#2)
Author: Mandy M Roth
From: Review Copy
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 18th August 2015
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Bear shifter, Weston, knows how to stay under the radar, particularly when being on the radar could have him killed for being a failed government experiment. Recently though Weston has been dreaming about a woman’s whose face he can’t see, and when his best friend, Casey shows up telling him that his mate is in danger, he knows better than to ignore him. Paisley just wants to know what happened to her friend, and so she goes to the supernatural brothel where her friend used to work to find out. While there she encounters Weston, and both their worlds get turned upside down.

I love the worlds that Roth creates, especially when some of the series link and cross over. The Immortal Outcasts series also links to the PSI-Ops and Immortal Ops series, meaning that each book read from those adds something more to the lore and the structure of the world. All the characters are on the same side, they just don’t necessarily seem to realise it!

One of the things that is done so well in these books is the way that supernatural traits can be blurred. That can be in natural ways, like Paisley, or in unnatural-the-government-is-to-blame way like Weston and Bane. Both have their drawbacks (particularly for Paisley who doesn’t know what she is). It works in giving each character their individuality as well as personality.

It was great seeing Bill and Gus again as well, those two have their serious moments but for the most part they are comic relief, and they’re good at it! Whether its random comments, or strange logic, they always seemed to lighten the mood.

The chemistry between Weston and Paisley was strong, as is to be expected by the fated mates concept, but I did like to see that Weston wanted to restrain himself and wanted to make things romantic for Paisley, it was really sweet!

I do like having authors whose books I know I’ll enjoy, and Roth is definitely one of those, her books never fail to entertain me!