Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Succubus Rising by BR Kingsolver

Title: Succubus Rising
Series: The Telepathic Clans (#3)
Author: BR Kingsolver
From: Review Copy
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Release Date: 14th February 2013
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Being one of the strongest Telepaths alive, and in one of the most powerful political positions in the Clans, makes Brenna O’Donnell’s life interesting to say the least. But with her faithful shadow, and best friend, Rebecca Healy by her side there’s nothing that can stop her. Rebecca grew up clueless about her telepathic heritage, but now she is finding acceptance, both as a telepath and as a family member. But watching a Succubus like Brenna work means that Rebecca finds herself craving something more from someone and when General Carlos arrives, wanting an alliance with the O’Donnell clan, she may just get what she wants…

It’s been so long since I read the first two books in this series that I was slightly concerned that I’d not be able to get into this one easily, but thankfully I was wrong, and I found myself sucked back into Rebecca and Brenna’s world. There are still some things that I found harder to recall, but because the two of them were still discovering new things about themselves and their powers it didn’t matter so much.

The romance…now before I properly talk about this I feel I do need to mention that the Telepaths very much offer a ‘free love’ philosophy. Because several of the characters are succubi, or are succubi carriers (so basically get horny and mentally unstable without regular sex), fidelity isn’t something wildly practiced. However they do only seem to form romantic attachments to one person (e.g. Brenna with Collin). I knew this going into this book but there were still a few moments where I couldn’t help but find it a little strange (Collin’s baby being the main one).

The way this seemed to work in practice was that the sex scenes between the ‘relationship’ couples were described a bit more than when they happened with people not in a committed relationship. It meant that some of it felt a bit distant and clinical, but it worked to make it seem different.

I definitely liked how the Telepathic women don’t just flop over to their partners’ desires though. Rebecca didn’t want to get married so she said so. It was completely up to her when and if she changed her mind and Carlos respected that (though hoped otherwise).

There is absolutely no shortage of strong female characters in this series. All of the female characters are strong Telepaths, but they also are confident in themselves and in their personalities and it shows. There are women in positions of power and in positions in the Protectors, and for me that definitely worked!

The various uses of Telepath gifts worked well for me, and I liked how original it makes the story appear. I also like that the characters themselves experiment with the powers that they have an aren’t afraid to try new things. It made the story more interesting as well as adding depth.

There was action, romance and a strong world in Succubus Rising, in fact in the whole series, and I think that that really works!