Monday, 31 August 2015

Flaw by Ryan Ringbloom

Title: Flaw
Series: Flaw (#1)
Author: Ryan Ringbloom
From: Netgalley
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Release Date: 20th January 2014
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Becca and Aidan are best friends, and living across the hall from each other has created a close friendship that seems like more to people on the outside at times. But when spoiled rich boy, Josh, moves in with Aidan, things get shaken up. Though Josh has previously been a bit of a player there’s something about Becca that has him wanting to change his ways. Meanwhile despite his scarred face, Aidan has been playing Prince for Jordyn, a friend of Becca’s, but can they all figure out what is going on before it’s too late…and can they get past each others’ flaws?

Ryan Ringblooms books are spot on. They’re the truthful look at young relationships with the warts and all. Flaw is set after the events of the previous series (Fast) but I don’t think you have to have read those first. Fast and Wait just make the characters’ pasts with each other fill out a bit more.

There were two “sets” of characters in Flaw, Aidan and Becca, who were potentially classed as less physically perfect (respectively Aidan’s facial scar and Becca’s pink hair and tattoos), and then Josh and Jordyn who were more ‘perfect’ in appearance. I liked how the story wasn’t just about Josh and Jordyn accepting Becca and Aidan’s “flaws” (and vice versa) but it was also about each other characters accepting their own flaws too.

As with the Fast series the POV was split. In the first part of the novel the POV was split between Aidan and Josh, and then in the second part it is split between Becca and Jordyn. It doesn’t mean that the same events are rehashed, the story continues in a linear fashion into the second part, but it is interesting to see how all 4 of the characters think and feel.

I liked that Ringbloom showed that her characters grew and changed as people, not only during the course of her book but also in the time between the previous book and this one (particularly with Josh in this case). I also liked that there was a look in on several of the characters from the previous books (but what happened to Robin! I think she was one of the only ones from the same high school that didn’t make an appearance in Flaw).

I really enjoyed Flaw, though I didn’t doubt I would having enjoyed Ringbloom’s books before!