Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Faery Queen by Michelle M Pillow

Title: Faery Queen
Series: Realm Immortal (#2)
Author: Michelle M Pillow
From: Review Copy
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: 5th January 2010
Challenges: COYER Scavenger Hunt, 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
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Feeling abandoned and heartbroken, the Faery Queen Tania feels her powers and her goodness fading, and her only chance at reversing the affects would be to get the object of her affection, Hugh the Earl Bellemare, to love her in return, except he never returned to her as he promised. Hugh can tell that the blessing on his family's estate is being tampered with, and all the while he can not get the image of Tania from his head. When Tania strikes a deal with Lucien, King of the Damned, both she and Hugh are thrust into each other's arms once more. With his brothers also in Realm Immortal, Hugh must do what he can to save his family, even if that means leaving the woman he may just love.

Once more Pillow manages to completely captivate me with the magic and wonder of her world. It has been a while since I read King of the Unblessed (Realm Immortal book 1) but the events came back to me quickly enough when I started reading Faery Queen. You don't have to have read book 1 to enjoy book 2 but I do think that having the back story, both to Hugh and Tania's story, and to Julianna's story (Hugh's sister) helps.

As with previously, there seemed to be hints in Faery Queen about the fate of one of the other brothers! I hope that I'm right because the woman that he seems destined for needs a break! Despite all the odds she tries to help people and I have my fingers crossed for the two of them!

I liked seeing a traditionally good character, a Faery, fall. Normally you tend to either get good fairies or bad fairies, but seeing this more greyish one was a good change, particularly with fairies in Pillow's world being quite carnal creatures. I also liked the imaginative way in which the evilness took root, both in Tania herself and in those things directly linked to her magic.

The chemistry was there between Tania and Hugh, though it was there from the previous book already, as was a good amount of the emotion between them. While Tania was quite honest with herself, Hugh did try to deny it, though that was mostly because of his own views on family and honour.

I enjoyed Faery Queen, it was another enjoyable journey into this series!