Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

Title: Blue Violet
Series: The Svatura Series (#1)
Author: Abigail Owen
From: Review Copy
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 19th August 2012
Challenges: 2015 Reading Assignment Challenge, COYER Scavenger Hunt 
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For decades the only company of her own kind that Ellie's known is her twin brother, Griffin. But since her recent dreams she's been determined to protect others that she has learnt about. Going back to High School, Ellie becomes friends with Adelaide, Lila and Nate, part of the other Svatura family. But its when she meets Adelaide and Lila's adoptive brother, Alex, that she knows she'll reveal herself to the family...its only a matter of when.

I do love an interesting and original supernatural system. The Svatura aren't werewolves, shifters, vampires or even witches, instead they were very much their own being, with their own mythology, practices and  magic. Ellie and Griffin's powers were revealed slowly, as were the other family's. Along with that came the history of the race and of the specific family. I didn't feel like things got repeated, and each new piece of information was revealed in a well thought out and interesting way.

The relationship between Ellie and Alex was an interesting one. There was an instant something between them, but instead of being instant love it was more like instant curiosity. They both wanted to get to know each other more and they did that. Even when they admitted what they were to each other there was still a deep sense of getting to know each other more. No rushing in like a lot of Young Adult couples.

I really liked that because of Ellie's long life she did feel that she'd missed out on some experiences, and I liked it even more when she decided to do things because she hadn't experienced them yet. It made her likeable as a character and more accessible than someone with a long life and superpowers!

There were also some pretty mysterious bad guys, and they had you guessing at their true motives all the way through the book. I didn't actually see the way that it was going until the ending was happening. I liked it and it had me interested until the last page.

I really enjoyed Blue Violet, it was an enjoyable an interesting read!