Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Princess by Jean Sasson

Title: Princess
Series: Princess (#1)
Author: Jean Sasson
From: Amazon
Genre: Non-fiction, Biography
Release Date: 1st September 1992
Challenges: COYER Scavenger Hunt
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Sultana is a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, a group of people thought of as privileged and pampered. Yet there is a darker side to Sultana's life, and the lives of many women in Saudi Arabia. Sultana reveals her life as told to her friend Jean Sasson.

I don't normally read non-fiction, it doesn't tend to hold my attention quite so much as fiction does. But I have to say Princess gained and kept my attention. I was partly fascinated and partly horrified by the things that women in this world have gone through as close to my birth. It is scary.

The tone at times made me forget that what I was reading was none-fiction, but then something would enter into the narrative that would remind me of that fact. It worked well and didn't lose any of the impact that the book had.

The appendices were interesting and relevant which helped with understanding the book, though I found that explanations were almost always given while actually reading so there was very little confusion about words or customs.

Not only did Princess reveal the issues facing women in Saudi Arabia but it also described the small ways in which women fight back.

This was a fascinating read, if slightly scary in nature!