Friday, 31 July 2015

Eat Play Lust by Tawna Fenske

Title: Eat Play Lust
Author: Tawna Fenske
From: COYER Prize!
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 26th August 2013
Challenges: 2015 COYER Scavenger Hunt
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Yoga instructor Cami has had a bad life with food. At first it was her mother's obsession with health food, then her own discovery of junk food. Now she exercises religiously and eats healthily. When gourmet chef, Paul, signs up for her yoga paddle boarding, he tries to impress her while nervous and ends up saying just about anything that comes into his head...lucky for Cami her crush on him seems to be reciprocated...

When looking through the list to pick from, Tawna Fenske jumped out at me because I've read and enjoyed her books before. Eat Play Lust didn't disappoint, even though it was only a short read. It was perfect for those moments where you need something light and short to fill the gap.

I loved the humour in Eat Play Lust and it came from both of the main characters! Part of it was illustrating that the two of them were kind of nervous about each other and were saying what they thought. I thought that it was both cute and made them seem more real as people. It was refreshing seeing people act like real people.

Similarly, the way that the two of them discussed food, interacted with food personally and looked at each other. I know it sounds strange but they both just seemed to have 'real' attitudes towards food. It isn't something I normally notice mentioned in books but it wasn't an unhealthy obsession that either of them had, rather it was realistic. Similarly. Physically it was the same, the two of them weren't perfect but they actually liked that about each other.

I really liked Eat Play Lust, it was an easy, quick read, fun and quirky, definitely worth it!