Friday, 26 June 2015

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie

Title: Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnists
Series: Confessions (#1)
Author: Kay Marie
From: Netgalley
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Release Date: 18th May 2015
Challenges: 2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge, 2015 New Release Challenge, COYER Scavenger Hunt
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Skye has a new job...she's the new sex columnist for the newspaper she was interning at. Except that she has a secret; she's a virgin sex columnist. With her old crush, and her best friend's brother, now living with her, and her dating life on the up, things start to get more complicated in Skye's life. From plotting sisters to disastrous dates, Skye lives it all while writing about her completely fictional love life...

Number one thing that I loved about Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist was that the ending, while somewhat predictable in nature, actually took me by surprise! It worked out the way I wanted with the guy I wanted it to, but there were several elements that made it 'messier' and I liked that, it made the story feel more like real life.

The book is written almost (but not quite in a diary style). For the most part it was like the inner monologue that would be going through any girl's head, right down to zoning out on what people were actually saying to her! There were several parts where I laughed out loud at things that were going through Skye's head, and the situations that she managed to get herself into!

The chemistry between Ollie and Skye was subtle. It was clear that there was something between them but the reader didn't actually find out what until about half way through the book, and that meant that it was kind of minor. As the book progressed there was definitely more of a focus on how Skye's feelings resurfaced.

I loved the friendship between Bridget (Ollie's sister) and Skye as well, it felt like they'd been friends for years and they had all the cute traditions that friends should have after that time! There was also the way that Skye interacted with the women at work, the rivalry with Blythe and the quasi-friendship with Rebecca. For me it really worked!