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Book: Temptation of the Butterfly by Michelle M Pillow

Title: Temptation of the Butterfly
Series: Zhang Dynasty (#2)
Author: Michelle M Pillow
From: Review Copy
Genre: Romance, Space Opera
Release Date: 1st November 2012
Challenges: N/A
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Princess Fen on the Zhang family wakes up from a dream that felt real to see a man that she is instantly drawn to. Aaron knows that he is well below Princess Fen's station, but still dreams of her becoming his. When it's revealed that Fen's mother has arranged for suitors to come and court her, Fen is hurt and uneager to marry. Though that doesn't mean she doesn't want to find a man. Even knowing the response if they are caught, Fen and Aaron can't help themselves around each other.

I have lots of thoughts going round my head about Temptation of the Butterfly and I'm not really sure where to start about getting them out, so please excuse me if I begin rambling/going of tangent. It is simply because I'm excited!

First this book is part of the Dragon Lords universe but not the Dragon Lords series. Though I haven't read book 1 in the Zhang Dynasty series I had met Fen's sister, Mei, in His Frost Maiden where she is a secondary character. It isn't necessary to read all of the books set in this universe to understand Temptation of the Butterfly but I feel that each new book does add something to the universe as a whole.

Now the setting. This is a fusion of furistic space and Imperial China. I ended up getting so engrossed in the traditional elements of the world that the mention of future technology kind of took me by surprise but it was all fit together seamlessly. It works well, which didn't surprise me considering that I've read other books by Pillow that fuse a historical world with a futuristic one.

The romance between Aaron and Fen was sweet, as well as offering something of the forbidden. To an extent Fen was playing with Aaron, seducing him and pushing him as far as she could before he gave into her. It was actually good seeing a female character not only have the power, but realise that she had the power. There was no sneakily manipulating the man round to her way of thinking but instead she just went for it.

Family was very importatnt to Fen, as it is in several of Pillow's books, and I liked the interactions she had with her various brothers. Each of them had their own unique stand point and they liked to tease each other while still looking out for their sister.

I was quickly sucked into Temptation of the Butterfly! 

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