Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Sunday Post #21

Real Life

So.........things kind of got a bit more interesting this week. First work has been a bit more challenging, with some of the orders coming in really last minute. I like being able to prove I can do it. 

But the big news...remember I mentioned the guy I may or may not have a thing for...well he came back from uni for the weekend for a family member's party, which I'd been invited to. 6 hours of drinking and he walked me home (which is perfectly normal, my male friends do it all the time despite the fact that we live in a tiny, and safe, village). So then for some unknown reason we start talking about our past (together that is...its complicated). Then he starts talking about the present and something that sounded very much like a rejection (why I'm not so sure because I hadn't suggested anything anyway) and then he kissed me. So yep...confused as hell here. 

And I realised that I read far too many romance books because when I look at the situation it just makes me think its one of those scenes where the heroine annoys you cause she puts up with that sh*t and the hero annoys you cause he doesn't realise how awesome she is. Then I remember its my life and I get all confused again!

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Cupid's Enchantment by Michelle M Pillow
Heaven's Vault by Pavarti K Tyler
Catching Cassidy by Melissa Foster
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Beneath the Surface by M A Stacie
Paranormal Payload by Mandy M Roth

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Because reading is better than real life

I completed everything bar one of my resolutions for April but have decided to give up my classics resolution.


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Catching Cassidy
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A Study in Ashes (12 points) 
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