Saturday, 30 May 2015

TBR List: Howler's Night by R S Black


Title: Howler's Night
Series: Night (#3)
Author: R S Black
From: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 22nd August 2014
Challenges: 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points), My TBR List Meme (May)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Even Demons can be put through hell. Having learned to co-exist with her demon, Lust, and to act on her feelings for Asher, Pandora finally has everything she wants. Until the Triad come along. Kidnapped and tortured, Pandora suffers through hell while Asher trys to find her. But when he does, the pieces in the game may realise that there is more afoot and that Pandora is being used as the pawn...

Oh.My.God. (Berls you're totally right, I need Red Rain now! But don't think I have the emotions left to deal with it right this second, and interesting contradiction I know.) Howler's Night had me on the edge of my sear for the most part and the rest of it had me shocked and feeling so much for the characters in the story. Pandora really went through hell.

If I'd had any doubts about the relationship between Asher and Pandora before then I certainly wouldn't now (though I'll admit that it is so long since I read Crimson Night and All Hallow's Night that I've only been left with impressions rather than intricate plot details). The relationship between them was far more than physical, it was even far more than just love, there was much more to it.

I thought that it was interesting the role that fate had in Howler's Night, and as an extension the part that Death (though he prefers to be called Dean) played. It was interesting to see Death personified quite like that as well, though I am definitely still wondering what his end game really is (I'm not convinced he has totally shown his hand yet).

This is definitely one of those books that I wish I'd read sooner, but still enjoyed a lot reading now. And I'm looking forward to Red Rain, though I don't think it'll be quite so long til I read that one!