Sunday, 17 May 2015

Book: Sacred Places by Mandy M Roth

Title: Sacred Places
Series: Druids (#1)
Author: Mandy M Roth
From: Review Copy
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: August 2006
Challenges: N/A
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After 700 years, Coyle is more or less convinced that he won't find his chosen; his other half, any time soon. When Deri Sullivan, a witch banished for something she didn't do, walks through the doors of his pub it does things to him and to his magic. Both Deri and Coyle feel an intense attraction to each other, though Coyle believes her to be human and therefore can not reveal his true nature, and Deri thinks that getting involved with him could cause her ex, Chad, to hurt him, meaning neither of them act on their attraction til they are forced.

Sacred Places is only a short read, and yet there seemed to be so much packed into the story! There was Coyle and his family's need to protect the human race, then there was Deri's banishment and her hiding from her ex-boyfriend, Chad, and then there was the attraction between Deri and Coyle to contend with as well.

For me it was the little details that made this so enjoyable for me. It was the fact of inserting the meanings for Coyle's tattoos (which only added to a handsome man anyway) and the fact that he liked woodwork with oak trees. It was that Deri liked her work as an accountant. Those little things gave a depth to the characters which isn't always seen in books 10 times the length, and I liked it.

The building tension between Deri and Coyle was definitely there, and even though the book skipped forward 3 years around the middle, I felt that that did continue to build rather than dissipating. It meant that when they did come together it was more explosive. Though they were also two very stubborn characters and needed a push in the right direction.

Which brings me to Korey...clearly being set up as a character for a future book, but I loved the way he interacted with his cousin (Coyle) and seemed to care about the other characters, including Deri. The way Coyle and Korey interacted reminded me a bit of how brothers often act in books, but I liked it!