Friday, 1 May 2015

Book: Heaven's Vault by Pavarti K Tyler

Title: Heaven's Vault
Author: Pavarti K Tyler
From: Review Copy
Genre: Mythology, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 28th April 2015
Challenges: N/A
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Maia always dreamed of spenidng time on Earth with her father and sisters. But instead she was kept in her cave, not allowed to interact with the humans, kept naive and innocent until her cousin Zeus takes what wasn't his. Now thousands of years later, Maia has made a trip down to earth, against the rules of her people. There she meets Jaren, who takes care of her regardless of her strange appearance.

Heaven's Vault is a short story with a very unique feel to it, like many of Tyler's works. Told in the first person narrative I felt that Tyler captured the wonder and confusion that would happen if a God came to Earth with no prior experiences. It actually had me thinking about things in a different way. So often confused characters appear to the narrator rather than being the narrator and I think that added something different.

The ending of Heaven's Vault was defintiely not what I expected. I thought it was actually really sad, and my heart almost broke for Maia and Jaren. Almost because it was kind of bittersweet and it was the right ending to their story.

There were very few characters in Heaven's Vault and the only two that really got time spent on them were Maia and Jaren, thought there were other people mentioned in passing. Even then the time spent on Maia and Jaren was around them meeting rather than on getting to know each other. Again I think that made this book unique and different!

I've enjoyed everything of Tyler's that I've read, and Heaven's Vault is no exception! Plus the cover is amazing!