Saturday, 9 May 2015

Audiobook: Head Over Heels by Cindy Procter-King

Title: Head Over Heels
Author: Cindy Procter-King
Narrator: Karen White
From: iTunes
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 27th July 2011
Challenges: Bookish Resolutions
Links: Goodreads - Amazon - iTunes

Magee Sinclair is determined to right the mistakes she's been making at her father's advertising agency. And one of those mistakes is very nearly Justin Cane. Justin's girlfriend, Tina, suddenly sprung on him that she wanted marriage and children, something that is low down Justin's life plan. Now single but wanting to impress the English Nathaniel Willoghby and his wife Katherine, Justin enlists the help of Magee to pretend to be Tina. What Justin didn't count on was his own attraction to Magee and the problems that could cause...

I'm still not 100% sure of my feelings towards Head Over Heels, I started listening to it because I set myself a challenge of listening to more audiobooks, and have only really got into the swing of them recently (I've discovered listening to them at the gym). So its actually taken me a few months to listen to Head Over Heels, not just because of the book itself, but mainly because of the audiobookness.

So firstly the narrator. At first I can't say I was too impressed with Karen White's reading (nothing to do with her, more to do with me) but I actually kind of got into it later on in the book and found her voice kind of soothing by the end of the book. She did good differentiation between the various voices and that went as far as the thoughts that certain characters had as well, which definitely added another level of enjoyment.

Now my main issue with Head Over Heels: the stereotyping. Two of the characters central to the plot, Kate and Nate, were British (which I have no problem with) but the problem was they were overly stereotypical. To the extent where I was cringing at the slang they were using. The author made it sound like they were commonly used words when actually they really aren't (for example, I don't know anyone that calls condoms 'johnnys' except in jest, and having lived in the UK my entire life I feel I can complain about the insinuation being made!) The stereotyping wasn't too bad, but it did get on my nerves at the time.

Head Over Heels is one of those romances that is pretty much predictable, not that that is always a bad thing! In fact sometimes a good predictable romance is just what you need. Particularly when you're at the gym nd focusing on more than one thing at once! I did enjoy Head Over Heels for that reason, and at times I found myself letting out a titter.

So, I'm still not too sure how I really feel about this book. I don't think I ever really will, but I do think that because of the where and when of listening I enjoyed it more.