Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tour: Beyond the Seduction by M A Stacie

Title: Beyond the Seduction
Series: Reluctance (#3)
Author: M A Stacie
From: Netgalley
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 23rd April 2015
Challenges: 2015 New Release Challenge, 2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge, 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Trace Jacks had it all; a girlfriend and a young daugher he adored...until he discovered that none of that was really his. When his sister, Dale, arrives to cheet him up, he ends up helping take his young niece, Ella, to dance class, where he is almost immediately taken by Shae Bennett, the teacher. Shae's father has always been difficult but now even more so, and with a distraction such as Trace in the mix, things could become more manageable...or not.

Each of the books in this series has involved a couple who are reluctant to face what they mean to each other, and Beyond the Seduction is no different, though the situations are! I think the main point in Beyond the Seduction was that actually Shae and Trace weren't in the right place for a relationship but they had met each other anyway.

Because of everything that was going on in their 'normal' lives, their relationship got complicated. It was a classic example of 'no strings' turning into 'lots of strings' (and I wonder why I'm such a romantic really!) but it was well done, in a way that felt realistic for the circumstances.

Aas with the other books there were plenty of well considered side characters, including some of the old characters like Dale and Kyran from book 1 (reading in order is an advantage but not 100% necessary) and a brief appearance from the characters from book 2 (Taylor and Libby) but again these appearances made sense (Dale being Trace's sister, and Taylor being Kyran's brother). But the charcters had their own friends and I liked that.

This series has been kind of addictive! I've enjoyed reading all three of them, they were easy to read, captivating and full of strong relationships, as well as friendships and family tensions!