Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Book: The Willful by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

Title: The Willful
Series: The Woodlands (#3.5)
Author: Lauren Nicolle Taylor
From: Amazon
Genre: Dystopian
Release Date: 17th October 2014
Challenges: 2015 Reading Assignment Challenge, 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (1 point)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Esther loves her husband Pelo, even if she can't accept the risks he takes for his ideals. But when her daughter, Rosa is born, she starts to become more and more concerned about Pelo's outspoken ways and the attention it draws to her family. No matter how she feels about her husband, Esther must do what is best for her daughter no matter the consequences.

The Willful is the story of Rosa's mother, which actually reveals a lot about the main character of The Woodlands series. Even though it has been absolutely ages since I read The Wanted, and even longer since I read The Woodlands and The Wall, the characters and the story is one that I have no where near forgotten and in fact has completely stuck with me. It is definitely one of the best dystopian series that I've read!

The Willful filled in a few gaps about how society worked, up until this point there's only ever been the insights gained by Rosa, and very occassionally by Joseph, but now there is the view point of someone who is on the inside, and who appears to want to be on the inside. Or at the very least accepts it. I couldn't actually decide what Esther's true viewpoint was, she seemed to admire her husband (and to a lesser extent her daughter who was very young in The Willful) but not altogether agree.

It was interesting to see the main events that shaped Rosa as well, particularly from another point of view. As she was a child at the time I don't think Rosa could remember some of the events clearly, and so seeing them from another point of view really helped.

I've loved this series from picking up the very first book, and would definitely recommend it!