Saturday, 4 April 2015

Book: A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway

Title: A Study in Silks
Series: The Baskerville Affair (#1)
Author: Emma Jane Holloway
From: Netgalley
Genre: Steampunk, Romance, Paranormal
Release Date: 24th September 2013
Challenges: 2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge, 2015 Reading Assignment Challenge
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Evelina Cooper has had a difficult start in life, but now thanks to the her disgraced mother's family, including the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, has brought her into the privalidged life of the aristocracy. Being presented with her friend Imogen Roth should be top of Evelina's priorities, rather than trying to figure out whether it is her old friend Nick, or Imogen's brother, Tobias, who holds her affection. Neither should fighting crime, but some family traits are hard to ignore...

Well it's safe to say that I have absolutely no inkling as to where the sequel will go! Often I'm at least able to have some idea, but wth A Study in Silks I just found that all of the twists and turns meant that I've ended up with no clue! And I love that!

Evelina's love life was certainly complicated to say the least. Of course this is with the added complication of the proprietry of Victorian London, which I think was weaved into the story in a captivating and believable way. On the one hand there was Nick, fearless and daring and a link to Evelina's past, and on the other side there was Tobias, dashing, rich and sharing Evelina's passion for metalwork. I did have a preference but actually wasn't surprised how either of Evelina's relationships worked out.

The steampunk and paranormal elements of the story were woven together well, and it was difficult in most places to tell them apart. I thought that this was good and gave the story an element of originality. Added to this was the fact that magic was actually illegal, and this added another element to Evelina's personality, and her problems.

There was also a sense of mystery in A Study in Silks, though as a reader you're actually handed all the pieces early on, so know most of what the characters are still working out. However there were minor details that still had to be worked out, and that I think was in keeping with the traditional Sherlock Holmes tales.

Now...Sherlock Holmes and his appearance in the book. I'm still not completely sure how I feel about this. I have read a fair few Sherlock Holmes stories (and actually I can't say I like them all that much really) but I didn't think that Holmes was quite the same in this book. It didn't bother me too much, but to an avid Sherlock Holmes fan I can imagine it could be frustrating.

I enjoyed A Study in Silks, and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the characters and the world!