Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Book: Prepared to Please by Reagan Hawk

Title: Prepared to Please
Series: Cyber Sex (#1)
Author: Reagan Hawk (previously Mandy M Roth)
From: Amazon
Genre: Erotica, Sci-fi, Romance
Release Date: 19th February 2010
Challenges: N/A
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Captain Roman Parker has only one woman in his sights; Lt Commander Destiny Stewart, but doesn't think she'll ever see him in the same light. To fill the void he created a holographic representation of her, that is willing to fulfill his every need. Destiny thinks that she knows that Roman will never look at her, and makes do with her own holographic representation. Or she does until events take an unexpected turn...

So that was somewhat unexpected! Reagan Hawk is a pen name for Mandy M Roth (an author whose books I particularly enjoy) and so I decided to go with Prepared to Please, even though I did have some reservations about the sexual elements of the book. But actually I think it really worked, though there is absolutely no doubt that this is erotica, there was certainly a strong romance and strong world building going on.

There were also several amusing moments in Prepared to Please, and they had me giggling to myself, particularly the ending and a particular reveal that left several characters in shock!

So anyway, the world building. I'll be honest that in the sci-fi/space opera genres I've never really given it all that much thought as to how technology could change sex and how people have it. So for a start the idea of realistic and reactionary holograms seemed intrigueing (if not a little creepy!) It was pulled off well, in a way that made it clear that the holograms weren't real people and that the interacting characters could recognise that.

There's definitely no mistaking Prepared to Please as anything other than erotica, but it is an intrigueing concept and was well done.